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What Happen to All-Weather Funds in 2022

All-Weather funds saw their roughest year yet in 2022. The term "All-Weather" is coined and popularized by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates. He pioneered the world's first fund (a hedge fund) based on the risk parity concept and named it the All-Weather fund. The main idea behind these funds is simple and elegant yet meant to be robust in the face of different market environments.

This year, however, presented one of the toughest conditions for them. In this video, we take a look at what happened to All-Weather Funds this year.

1. What is an All-Weather fund?

2. Things don't look good for All-Weather funds this year

3. What is causing all the assets to crumble?

4. Does that mean that All-Weather strategies are no longer relevant?

5. Why did Ray Dalio say holding bonds is stupid?

6. When will All-Weather funds or strategies recover?

7. What can you do?

Disclaimer: This video is provided for informational purposes only. This video is not intended to be, nor shall it be construed as, financial advice, an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell an interest in any investments.


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