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Investing doesn’t have to be
a rollercoaster journey: Enter Quantitative Strategies

But the common man on the street usually has neither the knowledge, time, nor access to the right investment products to achieve this. 


The strategies used in traditional funds cannot weather different markets effectively. Hedge funds are the ones that hold such strategies -- but they are reserved largely only for the rich and institutions.

At AllQuant, we want to help you bridge that gap with quantitative strategies. You can learn from us, subscribe to our portfolio signal service, or let the professionals handle the investment for you.

With AllQuant, 
you’re in safe hands.



AllQuant is founded by professionals with 30 years of joint experience across the investment banking, asset management and hedge fund industry.



You can access quantitative strategies not found in traditional funds. These are strategies used in hedge funds.



Our investment approach is 

established on evidence and sound theories that have been rigorously tested over the years.



The investment decisions are driven by well-defined rules, leaving absolutely no room for irrational personal emotions.



We diversify across multiple strategies and asset classes to achieve a stable performance under different market conditions.



Make money efficiently. We help you to generate higher long-term returns using lower risk than the stock market.

curious learner
DIY investors
investment outsourcing

We offer services to

Curious Learners

DIY Hackers

Smart Delegators

You are curious about quantitative investing and want to know the nuts and bolts of building quantitative strategy models that actually works in the real world.

You wish to retain full control over your investment portfolio but would like daily portfolio signals or a weekly Macro Dashboard as a guide.

Your time is better spent elsewhere and you are looking for a trusted advisor to manage your portfolio using a time proven approach that grows your wealth steadily.


Your Investment Co-Pilots

Eng Guan is the co-founder of AllQuant. He is a quantitative investment practitioner with more than 15 years of experience moving through a sovereign wealth fund, investment banks, proprietary trading, and hedge funds.


In his last role, he was a key portfolio manager of a multi-strategy hedge fund based in Singapore. And he holds a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering.

Patrick Ling is the co-founder of AllQuant. He holds extensive investing experience having worked for more than 15 years in the industry. He has a diverse wealth of experience spanning across private banks, investment banks and hedge funds. 


In his last role, he was a key portfolio manager of a multi-strategy hedge fund based in Singapore. He holds a Masters of Science in Wealth Management.

Eng Guan Lim

Managing Partner

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Patrick Ling

Managing Partner

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