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Custom Investment Portfolio: Consult our Experts

Do you already have your favorite stocks or ETFs in mind, and are just looking for a coherent strategy to construct a portfolio with them? Let us help you customize a quantitative strategy.

AllQuant partners are experienced quantitative investing professionals.

Modeling is an extremely powerful and useful tool that is used extensively in the hedge fund industry. Risk parity and trend following are two of the most resilient strategies in the hedge fund world.

We will build a custom professional investment model on MS Excel running risk parity or trend following strategy on US-listed securities.

For risk parity, we allow up to 8 securities. For trend following, we can go up to 30. At the end of it, we will provide you the working model on an MS Excel file with instructions on how to update and run it.

Contact us for a free investment consultation.

Or, if you already have a list of US securities in mind, you can engage us immediately.

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