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QIF 2021 Grand Finale - How Do You Invest 100K?

This is the grand finale of the 3-week festival. On 2 October 2021, we shared our personal investment journeys, greatest takeaways, and advice for everyone who is starting out and finding their ways. We also ran a quick recap of what we went through in the previous sessions. Then, we have our students from SUSS presenting their case for the challenge on "How Can You Invest 100K". Last but not least, a great thank you to all of you who attended the events.

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Highlights of The Presentation

Here is a recap of the highlights of the day.

  1. Investment journey sharing by Eng Guan

  2. Investment journey sharing by Patrick Ling

  3. A quick recap on the previous webinar sessions

  4. Implementation of the multi-strategy portfolio through iFAST Global Markets

  5. Presentation by SUSS on "How You Can Invest 100K"

  6. Lucky draw time and announcement on the winners!

You can watch the full webinar below (watch it on YouTube to navigate the webinar to the part you are interested in using timestamps):

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Starting a Multi-Strategy Portfolio with iFAST Global Markets (Singapore)

AllQuant has a working arrangement with Ou Da Wei, Senior Investment Adviser from iFAST Global Markets (Singapore). You can now build our multi-strategy portfolio and be diversified across assets, countries, and strategies with them through their platform.

If you want to know more about the portfolio and what we can do for you, please click below.

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