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The Complete Multi-Strategy Investing Course (Portfolio Diversifying)

Multi-Strategy Investing – Combine Four Strategies into One, Build a Portfolio Management and Rebalancing Tool in Excel.


Immediate implementation upon learning

Shareable Certificate

100% Online

Approx. 24 hours to complete




What you will get in this course


Fully completed model file that you can use for live investing

Guided step-by-step model building process complete with templates

Unlimited lifetime access anywhere, anytime. Learn at your convenience.

Prompt email Q&A support to assist your learning


VBA scripts to automate the data updating and weight optimization process


Over 24 hours of lectures developed by professionals with more than 30 years of joint experience in the asset management, hedge fund, and banking industry.


The complete suite of strategies taught by AllQuant

Course Content

21 sections: ~24hrs total length

1. Introduction to Portfolio Construction

2. Excel Crash Course

3. Financial Mathematics

4. Getting Acquainted with Quantitative Investing

5. Strategy: Risk Parity Concept

6. Strategy: Risk Parity Model Building

7. Strategy: Risk Parity Operations

8. Strategy: Trend-Following Concept

9. Strategy: Trend-Following Model Building

10. Strategy: Trend-Following Operations

11. Strategy: Volatility Risk Premium Concept

12. Strategy: Volatility Risk Premium Model Building

13. Strategy: Volatility Risk Premium Operations

14. Strategy: Sector Rotation Concept

15. Strategy: Sector Rotation Model Building

16. Strategy: Sector Rotation Operations

17. Introduction to Multi-Strategy Portfolio and Recap of Individual Strategies

18. Multi-Strategy Implementation in Excel (2 Strategy Setup)

19. Setting Up the Performance Analytics in Excel

20. Adding Strategies to the Multi-Strategy Portfolio

21. Operations

What you will learn

  • All the contents taught in the other courses

  • Learn how to aggregate performance data from the individual strategies onto the multi-strategy model excel file

  • Learn how to track the performance of the multi-strategy portfolio against its component strategies

  • Learn how to rebalance across the strategies

  • Learn how to operate the multi-strategy file and how it interacts with the individual strategy files



A keen learning attitude with an open mind

Basic knowledge in Math and Statistics is preferable, but not compulsory

Basic knowledge in Excel is preferable, but not compulsory


We will start with covering the foundation of building a stable and resilient portfolio by extending Harry Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory. We will then cover some basic Excel and financial mathematics knowledge. We can then move on to teach you in-depth four quantitative strategies that are used in the hedge fund industry including some of the largest firms in the world.

1. All-Weather Investing Via Quantitative Modelling In Excel (Risk Parity)

2. Defensive Stock Investing Via Quantitative Modelling In Excel (Trend Following)

3. Volatility Trading Via Quantitative Modelling In Excel (Volatility Risk Premium)

4. Stock Sector Investing Via Quantitative Modelling In Excel (Sector Rotation)

Then you will learn how to pull all the strategies into a multi-strategy approach using MS Excel. You will see how you can track the performance of the multi-strategy portfolio, how to allocate capital across your strategies, and when to implement rebalancing.

* The strategy taught in this course is applied to the US market.

Our Difference


Say good bye to chart reading, thick annual reports, and an overload of market news

All investment decisions are driven by the model we will build in this course. 

10 minutes of your time each day to update the model is all you need

The model keeps you on course during times of market stress. The result is consistency.

We use Excel. No programming experience is required.

No need to pay for expensive tools or data subscriptions. We use only free resources.

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