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Your Essential List of FREE Investing Resources

List of FREE Investing Resources

Dear fellow investors

I compiled an essential list of FREE investing resources that I personally used and found useful. Hope it can help you in your investing journey. Feel free to share this list with others!

Historical End-Of-Day (EOD) Price Data

Don't think I need to say much about this site. It is the default "go-to" site for most who wants to download daily price data for stocks or ETFs. But do watch out for the occasional errors and glitches. In those instances, you might need to do some checks and clean it up before using it.

2. Invest Excel - Windows only

A nice site dedicated to those who are keen to learn about they can use Excel for finance and investing. Excel is a great tool that most will have on their laptops or PCs. Personally, most of my models are built using Excel. This file in the link allows you to download price data of stocks in bulk (many stocks at once) from Yahoo Finance into Excel. But take note, it only works on the Windows platform.

Similar to Invest Excel, this tool allows the bulk download of price data across multiple securities from Yahoo Finance. But unlike the former, this is a web-based platform where you need to fill up a simple form and submit the download request. It requires a few more steps but whether you are on Windows or Mac, both work.

Backtesting & Charting

4. NinjaTrader - Windows only

There are many backtesting platforms. But one that is easy to use and also free at the same time is hard to find. NinjaTrader provides free EOD price data, charting, performance analytics, parameter optimization, and a wizard that allows you to build and backtest strategies without writing a line of code. It is designed more for those who use Technical Analysis. And take note it doesn't work on Mac. If you want to run it on Mac, you will need to create a Virtual Windows environment.

This is a web-based tool designed for those who are into portfolio approaches such as asset allocations. The free tier in this tool allows you to do basic things such as backtesting and optimizing the portfolio based on various criteria which you can choose.

News and Analysis

There are many news and analysis sites out there. But in recent years, many have added a paywall. At best, you are allowed to look at no more than 3 posts per week or month for free. These are the ones I still frequent. Most of their posts are free but selected ones may require subscriptions.


A news site that covers financial markets, technology, businesses, and politics.

7. CNN

A news site that covers a wide spectrum of topics from businesses, economics, and politics, to health and entertainment.

This site is dedicated to investing. Besides news, it has many other useful functions and services.

Unlike the previous sites, Seeking Alpha is driven by the investment community. The posts are contributed by authors from all over the world. Many are free but if you want to access their top posts or ideas, you need to be a paying member. I have written on Seeking Alpha before. You can look me up here to see what I have written. But I am no longer actively writing for Seeking Alpha after I set up my own blog.

Watchlists, Economic Data, Earnings, Dividends, Splits, IPOs

I already mentioned this site a few times. Been using it for a long time, especially its calendar functions. It shows you a calendar (both historical and future) of economic, earnings, dividends, splits, and IPO releases. There is a lot of information but you can filter information according to the country, type of economic data, and its relative importance to the market. The data releases are almost real-time (just a few seconds delay).

This site shows historical economic data in chart format. If you pay for their membership, they have API support and also allow you to export data.

A very comprehensive source for all sorts of US economic data such as CPI, Fed Funds Rate, US Debt, inflation breakevens, etc. However, if you are a beginner, it is not as easy to navigate. You got to know precisely what you are looking for. But otherwise, it holds a trove of valuable information which you can download and it is free.

Projected Fed Funds Rate

Want to know what the market is thinking about the Fed Funds rate? Where is it going to be at the next FOMC? Will it be flat, or will there be another hike? And if so, how big is the hike likely to be? And when are we going to see a possible cut? This site gives you a sense based on where the Fed Funds Futures are trading. It is very simple and intuitive to read.

Listed Stocks, Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts, ETF Data, Information, Screeners


16. (ETFscreen has useful screening for correlation between ETFs)

Mutual Funds

Stocks Profit & Financial Information

Education - Blogs, Channels, Podcasts

This is the largest free financial education site. It is suitable for beginners. You can find all sorts of educational material here.

Another popular site dedicated to personal finance and investing with tons of materials for all levels of investors. I actually found some of the articles here better written than those in Investopedia.

Of course, there is our own company blog which is where you are now. You can find all sorts of investment-related posts here - from market updates, and educational materials, to investment strategies, etc. If you want to receive updates, you can subscribe to our mailing list at the end of the post.

In this channel, you will find various videos from market updates, asset class introductions, and investment concepts to specific tutorials covering things such as Excel and NinjaTrader.

A relatively new podcast series where we discuss just about anything that can arise in the financial markets.

If you prefer the consolidated list in an Excel file. You can download it here.


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Disclaimer & Disclosure

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