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Launch of IBF Accredited Course on Quantitative Investing

IBF Accredited Course on Quantitative Investing

It took us more than 6 months. But we are finally ready!

We are launching an Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) accredited course on quantitative investing with our partner Financial Life Coaching (FLC). FLC is the Training Organization while we at AllQuant will be responsible for delivering the course as the Subject Matter Experts.

This will be a 3-day live online course via Zoom. It is heavily subsidized by IBF for Singaporeans/PRs and SkillsFutures eligible. If you are one of those who are interested in the quantitative approach to investing, the first 2 runs of the course are scheduled for November.

We will cover 4 different strategies: (1) risk parity asset allocation, (2) trend following, (3) sector rotation with hedging, and (4) volatility trading in the course. And you will see how you can combine these strategies into a single robust portfolio that can weather different market cycles more effectively.

For more information, do drop by our landing page and have a look.

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