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Getting To Know The Asset Class - Stocks

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Stocks are the most popular asset class among retail investors and also very likely the first asset you will invest in or trade. To share my own story, I did not know much about stocks when I began investing more than 20 years ago. And my first trade was a huge blunder. I ended up investing in a company's warrant thinking that it is the stock. I didn't even know what a warrant is then. It was an expensive mistake that I realized only after the warrants expired. If you do not know what a warrant is, do not worry, we will cover it in a future post.

This is the first of the series we are putting up in helping people to know more about the different asset classes. And in this first video, we will answer some basic questions about stocks.

  1. What are stocks?

  2. Why do companies list their stocks on exchanges?

  3. Why do people buy stocks?

  4. What are the risks when you invest in stocks?

  5. How do you buy stocks?

Hope you enjoy the video and all the best in your investing!


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